10:08 28.11.2019
  • Tea was initially used for treatment purposes instead of a drink drunk with pleasure when it was discovered. The leaves were chewed and consumed.
  • In 1560, the Portuguese engaged in the first tea trade. Tea from China was coming in ships all the way to Lisbon. From there, it was sent to the Netherlands, France, and the Baltic states.
  • Tea is the most consumed beverage after water in the world.
  • The first book about tea was published in 780. This book, whose author was Lu-Yu, was named as Cha-Ching. In fact, this Taoist writer is thought to have risen to the rank of Chazu or Tea Saint after his death.
  • The most expensive tea is produced in China. This tea, which is obtained from the plant called Hong Pao, costs 1400 dollars per gram and 10 thousand dollars for a teapot.
  • Mostly, black tea is consumed in the world. 97% are black tea lovers. The other 3% belongs to green tea lovers.
  • The first attempt to produce tea in Turkey was made in Bursa in 1988, but it was a fail. In 1924, Zihni Derin, known by the title ‘Father of Tea’, managed to produce 20 kg of tea in a garden in Rize.
  • The first tea factory in Turkey was established in Rize in 1947.

Source: Everything about Tea from A to Z Magazine